decades of experience in repair and refurbishment of any CRT or LCD Flat Panel monitors
Repairs and Refurbishment


CRT Monitors and Industrial Flat Panel Displays

FDT have been satisfying an ever-growing number of customers' needs in this area since the mid eighties. Our team of engineers have between them accumulated decades, if not centuries, of experience in the repair and refurbishment of CRT and Flat panel monitors.

Our database of service information is constantly expanding allowing us to minimise downtime of your critical piece of equipment. With our vast experience of all types of displays, past, present and future for all applications, PC, Security, Broadcast Standard, Medical, Marine, Defence, CRT, LCD etc. we are able to offer an unsurpassed service to all types of customer.

A common problem with older CRT monitors can be deterioration or failure of the CRT display itself. We have contacts worldwide that often allow us to track down replacement CRT's for such monitors. Unfortunately not all of the many hundreds of thousands of different types of CRT are still available. Should this be the case we can remanufacture or replace your original monitor in one of many ways. Our CRT monitor replacement solutions are founded on years of experience. We can supply you with Industrial LCD flat panel monitors and enclosures which are guaranteed to work in even the most extreme environments.


Despite the current low price of off the shelf PSU's there are many applications where the original type fitted is virtually irreplaceable. In such cases or for the more expensive models where it is financially undesirable to have to replace the PSU we can often solve your problem. A common cause of obsolete types of PSU's being diagnosed as irreparable is the failure of wound components. In many cases we are able to remanufacture such faulty items. Whilst we specialise in the repair of Weir PSU's we have considerable experience with other manufacturers products. Farnell, Melcher, Aztec and many more.

Other types of equipment serviced:
From time to time our customers, appreciative of our expertise, come to us with other problems. We have experience in the field of most types of video processing equipment and computer peripherals.