Replacement CRT and LCD monitors manufactured to your specification
Replacement Monitors


Replacing your old CRT displays and LCD Flat panel monitors

There comes a time in the life of every piece of electronic equipment when it is no longer viable to maintain. It may have suffered physical damage, it may be that heat damage or even fire have rendered it irreparable, parts may no longer be available (Even with our vast range of contacts around the world this happens.) or you might simply wish to update to a new product. When this happens it's time to bring in a replacement monitor or even monitors.

At such a time we are here to help! If you want to update from a CRT monitor to LCD flat panel screen or continue with a CRT display we can supply just what you're looking for. Our dedicated custom electronics design team can produce any solution for any of your needs.

Should you need to support a specialised system such as those originally supplied by OEM and non OEM manufacturers such as ABB, Bailey, Fisher Rosemount, Foxboro, Honeywell, Westinghouse, KME, Microvitec or Atex we can supply replacement CRT monitors or LCD flat panel screen formats, either built into your original casings or custom made new enclosures, whether they be, panel, rack, desk or arm mounted, open frame or to your individual specifications in whatever material you wish.

Our replacement industrial flat panel displays have been installed in the control rooms of customers in heavy industry, power generation and petro-chemical plants to support just such systems.

Our custom designed, software driven, LCD Flat Screen displays are capable of supporting the most obscure of video signal timings and formats.

Being an independent company, not tied in to any individual supplier, we are able to provide the most appropriate display to incorporate into the finished product for your particular application.

If you are seeking touch screen technology, again, we are able to advise upon, supply and fit this accessory to most screens, selecting the most appropriate for your application.